About Us

The Champlain Gl Endoscopy Central Intake Program provides a streamlined single-entry point for gastrointestinal endoscopy referrals from across the region. This innovative approach will relieve backlog by enhancing patient access and optimizing resources.

The Central Intake Program was developed to:

  • Address the backlog of cases due to COVID while simultaneously improving patient access to timely endoscopy
  • Ensure efficiency & accuracy of referral process & information
  • Enhance communication between care providers & create a system that provides real-time data
  • Eliminate the need to send multiple referrals to various providers

Central Intake Process

Central Intake Process

Step 1 - Care Decision: Referring physician decides patient requires a specialist visit.

Step 2 - Referral Sent: Referring physician creates referral for required exam & sends to Central intake.

  • Standard electronic referral form available through Ocean or eFax

Step 3 - Referral Screening: Central Intake receives & processes referral.

  • Two-way communication between care providers & Central Intake
  • Triage nurse and lead physician evaluate referrals according to CCO guidelines

Step 4 - Routing & Protocol: The referral is routed to a site according to patient & clinical needs.

  • FIT+ referrals are prioritized, followed by screening & surveillance referrals

Step 5 - Scheduling: The site will review the request & schedule the patient.

  • Referrals are equitably distributed according to specialist availability/ wait list

Step 6 - Exam Completed: Specialists at the site will complete the requested exam.