Who to Refer


  • The scope of the Central Intake Program is currently focused on Cancer Screening & Surveillance Colonoscopy
  • The Central Intake Program is only accepting non-emergent referrals (i.e., investigation of symptoms or abnormal findings other than FIT are presently beyond the scope of the program)

For detailed guidelines regarding indications, please refer to Colorectal Screening Recommendations – Cancer Care Ontario and Post-Polypectomy Surveillance Summary – Cancer Care Ontario.

Cancer Screening & Surveillance Colonoscopy including:

    1. Abnormal Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
    2. Screening related to a family history of colorectal cancer
    3. Surveillance for post-polypectomy colonoscopy

      Phase 1: As the Cancer Screening program is sustained, an expansion of the Central Intake program for further GI endoscopy options will be made available.