FAQs: Central Intake

What is the Central Intake Program & how will I benefit from it?

Keeping our patients at the forefront of care, Central Intake has developed a streamlined single-entry model with the following goals:

  • Improving patient access to timely endoscopy
  • Ensuring patients are receiving the right test, for the right indication, at the right facility with the most appropriate specialist
  • Enhancing communication, record keeping and continuity of care

What type of procedures are managed through the Central Intake Program?

The Central Intake Program triages patients who are being referred for colorectal cancer screening and surveillance colonoscopy, including:

  • Abnormal Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
  • Screening related to a family history of colorectal cancer
  • Surveillance for post-polvpectomy colonoscopy

What happens if I need to cancel a scheduled procedure?

If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, we ask that you contact the specialist office to notify them of the cancellation. This will allow the opportunity to book another patient into the appointment date you are unable to keep. A new referral may be required from your primary care physician if you reschedule your procedure more than twice.

What happens if I do not show for my procedure?

The endoscopist or surgeon that was scheduled to do your procedure will send a letter to the physician who referred you for the test indicating that you did not attend your procedure. It’s up to the specialist that you were booked with to decide if your procedure will be rescheduled without a new referral.

My family physician/specialists initially advised me to undergo a colonoscopy, but my referral to Central Intake was declined. What could be the reason behind this decision?

Our Central Intake team, led by our Gastroenterologist, consistently adheres to the best practice standards established in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO). Since colorectal cancer screening guidelines have evolved over the years, our program also takes proactive measures to keep family physicians and specialists informed about any alternative clinical recommendations that may arise, ensuring that everyone remains up to date with the latest guidelines. For additional information pertaining to a particular referral, please contact our Central Intake office at (613) 721-2000 ext. 2060/2061.